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Modern Farmhouse Christmas Decor DIY

Ya'll, I have been so excited to decorate for the holidays. I am having to do so much in so little time for I have my rescheduled surgery on NOV 12th. My recovery is going to be long but I will utilize my time to research crafty trends and tutorials I can teach.

I have always wanted a flocked Christmas tree and to decorate it in a nontraditional style. I have done tradition for 22 years. As you can tell from the title, I have been all about the buffalo check with a modern farmhouse style.

Below are links to all the products I used. If I can't find a link, I will share a substitute or tell you the basics that you will need.

Please share my content with your crafty peeps and let me know if you have any questions. I will try my best to answer them and help. Be sure to follow all my social media links which will make it so much easier for you to follow all that I post.

Product List:

You will need your basic craft tools.

I used hot glue to adhere decor.

I used Jute to create the hangers for the ornaments and as a decor element.

I used basic black acrylic paint.

I used a variety of white glitters. Link to diamond dust below.

I used Mod Podge Glue

  1. The round Black circles used are not available, but here is a great alternative:

  2. Used Crafter Plastic bottles from the Dollar Tree.

  3. Misc ornaments are from my personal stash and from Walmart.

8. Ribbons Used:

This pretty much wraps it up. These are simple and very DIY projects that you can do all year round. Mix it up and make it work with what you have in mind. Look at these projects as a guide and let your crafty imagination explore.

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