Saturday, April 5, 2014

Complete Altered Ballet Shoe Tutorial

Hey Crafty Peeps!!! I want to share with you how you can Create and altered your very own Custom Ballet Show. NOPE, you dont need to buy any shoes. I show you how to make them!! So let begin this amazing creative UP-CYCLE project that features on of my most favorite companies, Graphic 45.

Okay So lets begin building the shoes mold! Below is a complete step by step video to show you from beginning to end on how to build and mold your very own ballet show using only 2 products!!!! OLD NEWSPAPER AND MASKING TAPE!!!!!

Here is the video!!!

Now that you have your Mold made, which I see you making all sorts of styles with that easy tutorial, we now have to decorate the Shoe!!!

I used the fabulous and one of my MOST FAVORITE paper collections Graphic 45's "Botanical Tea". I show you in the video From Beginning to end on how to decorate your shoe!!!

How Cool was that? Now here are the photos of my Altered Ballet Shoe!!!

I hope this creation and step by step tutorials inspire you to Think outside the box and to explore your talents in a whole new way!!! Let me know if you have any questions about any of the steps you had seen in the videos!!! Until next fabulous tutorial!!!

Your Professional Crafting Educator and Designer

Angela Holt

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Smoothfoam"super" bowl Easter bonnet/basket

Here is a cute project for the Smoothfoam "super" bowl Easter bonnet/basket Hop!!! The hollow spheres will lend you and inspire you to create soooo many things!!!! So here is my project!!

You will need
1 12" Hollow Sphere from Smoothfoam
1 8" Smoothfoam Square
Faux grass
Fabric and lace trim
and any other floral picks you may have to build your them
Hot Glue

  Simply what you do is this!

Cover the Hollow Sphere with fabric and trim out in a lace trim. Glue in the 8" in square inside the sphere so that you can have something for your flowers to be pierced into. Cover it with grass. Add your flowers and picks in the design concept you want and there you have it!!! A easy and quit way to use the wonderful NEW Hollow Sphere shape from Smoothfoam!!! You will be making one for every occasion!!!

Crafty Hugs,

Your Professional Crafty Artist and Designer
Angela Holt

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Mini Pearl and Rhinestone Butterfly Tutorial

Come Check out my Mini Pearl and Rhinestone Butterfly Tutorial!!! You will be making these all the time for your projects!!!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

"Not Xyron But Should Be" Pinterest project

Hello Crafty peeps!!! This mini tutorial is brought to you by Angela Holt Designs and Xyron. This is "Not Xyron But Should Be" Pinterest Projects. I have re-created and made 2 new projects inspired Pins from Pinterest that were not created using Xyron. Here are the re-vsamped project I have created with tutorials. Let's begin with what I call my " Filigree Paper Mache Egg" and here is how I did it!!

Supply List:

Xyron Glue Stick
Printed Paper Napkin
Liquid Glue
Metal Filigrees
Hot Glue
plastic egg

 Step 1 paint your plastic egg with Gesso. The choose your paper napkin and grab your Xyron Glue Stick.

Step 2 Apply the Glue stick to the surface of the Egg in sections.

Step 3 Do step 2 over and over until you have completely.
 Step 4 Cover the egg in a liquid glue to seal the egg.

Step 5 Choose your metal filigrees that you want to use as the base. I choose this style of filigree which can be found at Miriam's Crafting Supplies.

 Step 6 I took one filigree and separated the petals by clipping them and cuffing the flower to create a bowl like shape for the egg to set in. I then glued these two pieces together

 Using other filigree pieces and buttons by Miriam's Crafting Supplies I created this cluster piece. Now just glue the egg to the base and glue on the Filigree design and there you have a simple but yet dramatic show piece you can have out for Easter or year round.

 Project 2 is a lovly card I created featuring some amazing companies and teaching you some awesome tutorials!!! Even a NEW and amazing Flower Tutorial! I call this one my " Vellum Rose Card", let's begin

Supply List

Pattern Paper (I used Graphic 45 Botanical Tea Collection)
Vellum Paper Opaque white
Optional (Teresa Collins Adhesive Kit) by Xyron  I used the liquid Glue from this kit 
Xyron 3inch Sticker Maker
Xyron  1.5" create-a-sticker
Or you can get the amazing 9 inch Creative Station and make stickers of all the card elements.  
A piece of Lace
Flat Back Pearls
White Acrylic Paint
Cherry Lynn Designs Stacker Flower #6 to make the roses
Cherry Lynn Designs Build a Flower #1 to make the stamens and leaves
Embossing Folder ( I used a script one)
1 Distress Marker of your color choice
Lindy's Stamp Gang Starburst (Alpine ice Rose

 Step 1 Begin my gathering Supplies to create the Vellum Roses. As you see I have a script Embossing folder, vellum and Cherry Lynn Designs Stacker Flower #6

 Step 2: Run the vellum through the embossing folder

 Step 3. Cut about 12 flowers from Cherry Lynn Designs Stacker Flower #6 using the embossed vellum you created.

Step 4 Take a Distress Marker ( I used the color Worn Lipstick) and color the petals. Dont worry if they break off, you will be separating them in the next step. 

Step 5 To help blend the Distress marker and add shimmer I sprayed the petals with Lindy's Stamp Gang "Alpine Ice Rose" Starburst Spray. 

Step 6 NOTE the vellum will roll up but dont worry you can flatten them out and allow some of the rolled petals. It adds to the design of the rose. DO NOT USE A HEAT GUN!!! let dry naturally!!

Step 7 Cut a small circle from card stock and glue using the liquid glue you can find in the wonderful Teresa Collins Adhesive Kit and glue the cut peals onto the circle until you have about 3 layers. As I built the rose, I added less and less petals and this of course is all in how full you want your flower. 

Step 8 Using the fabulous Build a flower Die #1 from Cherry Lynn Designs, create stamens for the centers of the Roses and glue them using liquid glue to the inside of the roses.

Step 9 Cut out the leaves from the same die and other tid bits you may have if you want to add greenery pieces as I have. 

 Step 10 To add a shabby feel to my roses, I used white acrylic paint on the edges of the petals. This softened the color and gave it a shabby feel!!! Such an awesome Design technique.

 Step 11 Gather all your elements for this card, run them through your sticker makers or use the amazing tape runners from Xyron. Begin placing all the elements onto the card in any arrangment you would like!!! The card I made is measured as follows:

Card Base 6 1/4 x 4 1/2  
The Pattern Paper is 6 x 4 1/4

And here is the finished card my Crafty Peeps!!! See once you build your elements, us amazing sticker tools and adhesives from Xyron you can build lovely and elegant cards and projects. !! 

Here is the inspiration card I gathered my design concept from!

I hope this inspires you to create outside the box and to try wonderful products from Xyron to revamp project ideas and create new ones!! Remember to visit Xyron's Blog for exciting and creative ideas from the amazing Design Team Members!!!

Your Professional Crafting Designer and Educator,

Angela Holt

Here was my Inspiration!!

Friday, March 21, 2014

Get Organized with G45 and Xyron

Hello Crafty Peeps!!! I'm here to show you a quite and easy way you can "Get Organized with Graphic 45 and Xyron". Follow this quite and easy step by step tutorial to create an awesome organization piece for your scrap table to hold all your tools etc...

Here is what you need:
Xyron Creative Station 9" Sticker Maker
Graphic 45's Botanical Garden Paper Pack
Trims, Laces, Bling and any other decor items you want to use.
Hot Glue

Step 1: Cut your Graphic 45 Botanical Tea papers to the size of the tin cans and paint bucket. Then run them through your Xyron Creative Station 9' Sticker Maker to create an easy peel and stick sticker.

 Step 2: Wrap the tins and paint can!

 Step 3: Add trims, laces or any other embelly you want to dress up each can and paint bucket!!

Step 4: Holt Glue the tin cans to the paint bucket at different heights. NOTE: For the ones I have raised higher than the others, you will need to reinforce these can by punching wholes in the top of the tin can and into the paint bucket. I used a drill to do this step!!!I tied it to the paint can with metal wire and them hot glued it as well for added strength.

And that is it!!! You now have a fabulous, decorative organization piece for your craft area that has been re-purposed.

Here are some detailed photos!!

I hope this has inspired you to re-vamp what we normally throw away!!! See it in a new light and help you stay organized in your crafting space!!!

As always crafty hugs,

Your Professional Crafting Artiest and Educator

Angela Holt